Lance Vaughn, Product Launch Consultant
Lance Vaughn
I am the Founder/CEO of CabForward, a digital product consultancy. If you are interested in web and mobile app development, please visit our website 

If you're an entrepreneur or startup , there are three areas you need to get right: Product Discovery, Product Management and Product Launch. If you're looking for guidance or leadership, I can help.
Product Discovery
Just like self-discovery, product discovery should be an ongoing practice that touches every discipline of an idea or product. From having the right product-market fit to knowing how to ask the right questions.
Product Management
As we approach 2020, the Product Management role is finally coming into focus. First and foremost, your PM must be able to speak the language of business, marketing, engineering and design. But more than just speaking the language, the PM is a leader who must inspire the best possible outcome for your product or venture.
Product Launch
If you've done the first two well, then all you have to do is launch! Because without a launch, you have no product at all. Understanding the in's and out's of a successful product launch isn't rocket science -- there are proven principles and formulas to follow to ensure success. 
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